10 Tips for Moving With a Dog or Cat (or Both)

10 Tips for Moving With a Dog or Cat (or Both)

A move can be hard on your pets, but you can ease the transition for them with a little planning. Here’s some top advice for moving with a dog or cat.

Moving to a new home is both exciting and stressful. After all, you’ll be starting life in a new house in a town filled with interesting people, and yet there are a million details to take care of first.

Moving with pets adds another layer of stress because you want to make sure that they are properly cared for and don’t experience too much anxiety during the relocation process.

This article takes a look at some important tips for moving with a dog. Keep reading to discover insight that can help reduce stress while making sure that your four-legged friend remains healthy and happy during the journey.

1. Talk to Your Vet

Once you’ve made your moving plans and the big day is approaching, be sure to schedule a final visit with your current vet. This will enable them to check your dog’s health and give you specific advice regarding medications and other things to keep in mind while traveling.

Your vet will likely know your dog’s health history better than anyone, so they will be able to advise you on the best way to care for your dog and make them most comfortable during transport.

2. Have a Plan

One of the keys to a successful move is to have everything planned out as thoroughly as possible. This includes making specific plans regarding how to deal with your dog on the day of the move, both while in transport and where they will stay each night during the trip.

Keep in mind that traveling can be stressful and confusing for pets, and can thus lead to anxiety. That’s why it’s so important to comfort and reassure them throughout the entire process.

3. Contact Airlines About Their Pet Policies

If your relocation plans include flying, you’ll need to contact your airline of choice about their pet policies. Every airline is different and will have different guidelines you’ll need to follow when traveling with an animal.

Contacting them ahead of time will help you fully understand their pet policies so that you aren’t caught off guard upon arrival at the airport for your flight.

4. Keep Them Safely Out of the Way

Packing your belongings for the move is a busy and complicated process. Then when the moving truck arrives to load all of your furniture and boxes, people will be working hard and busy carrying heavy objects. During this process, it’s crucial to make sure that all of your puppers are kept out of the way.

Keep in mind that dogs are curious and always love to be part of the action. But they need to be someplace safe where they can’t be harmed.

The backyard is an ideal location. After all, this gives them plenty of room to run and play while you work inside. Or at least place them in a bedroom and close the door, or fence off an area of the house where you won’t have to worry about them getting stepped on.

If you can’t provide a safe space for them during the loading process, it would be a great idea to see about making arrangements for them to stay with a neighbor or friend until the work is complete.

5. Take Plenty of Potty Breaks

It’s no secret that traveling to a new home can often take hours or even days. That means lots of time spent inside a car or airplane. And yet your dog will still need to take regular potty breaks.

Obviously, traveling by airplane can be a problem. After all, once you’re in the air you can’t simply pull over so that your dog can use the restroom. Therefore it’s important to allow them to go potty before boarding so that they will be as comfortable as possible until the plane lands.

When driving, you’ll need to stop at regular intervals to allow them to stretch their legs and go potty so that they’ll remain happy while on the road.

6. Make Sure They Get Plenty of Exercise

Remember, your pet needs exercise. Otherwise, they will get cranky very quickly and won’t be a cooperative traveler. So take every opportunity you get to let them get out and stretch their legs, explore the area and smell all the good stuff that they discover along the way.

7. Pack Their Toys

As you prepare for the move, be sure to pack your dog’s favorite toys for the ride to your new home. This will provide emotional comfort and a sense of the familiar, while also giving them something to play with and chew on rather than simply watching the scenery fly by outside the window.

8. Pack Plenty of Snacks for the Trip

This is another important way to keep your dog happy during the trip. Be sure they have plenty of treats so that they won’t be hungry or become cranky spending hours inside their travel crate during the drive.

9. Let Them Ride In the Car with You

You might be tempted to ship your dog ahead of you. After all, it can be a hassle to deal with your pet while traveling by car or airplane. But this should be avoided if possible.

It’s far better to let your dog travel with you. This will help provide comfort and give them a chance to enjoy your company and see all the fun and exciting site along the way as you head to your new home.

10. Give Them Lots of Love Along the Way

Always remember to love on your dog. The move will be as stressful for them as it is for you, so it’s very important to give them plenty of attention so that they will feel included in the process.

Tips to Remember When Moving with a Dog

Relocating to a new place can be a major headache. Especially when moving with a dog. And yet it doesn’t have to be. The key is to be prepared and to make sure that all their needs are met so that everyone will have the best trip possible.

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