How to Find the Best Movers in Austin Texas

It is hard to know what moving company to choose wherever you are moving from. Here’s how to identify the best movers in Austin, Texas.

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Moving houses in Texas can be daunting, but the stress can easily be taken away when you’re in the hands of capable movers.

Many factors come into play when deciding on a moving company. Things like reviews, quotes, and credentials count a lot, but there are other things to consider as well.

Wondering how to choose the best movers in Austin? We know how important picking the right company is in the moving process, so consider this everything you need to know to make the right move.


It’s important to listen to the experiences of others when choosing a moving company. Before you get into anything, you’ll want to know if other people have had a positive experience with the Texas movers you’re looking into. 

Reviews also build the credibility of any kind of service seller. So, when you look into moving companies in Austin, companies that supply you with their reviews show their transparency and that they know what they’re doing. 

At Muscleman Moving, we have a whole page dedicated to testimonials from our customers. We put a lot of energy into our work so that our customers will truly know what it means to have a five-star experience. 

Our success stories also are all-encompassing. This means we have reviews from all kinds of moves. These include moving locally and long-distance, moving for a celebrity like Ron White, and moving specialty items like treadmills, pet cages and pianos. 


A variety of services is something that also should stand out when you’re searching for Austin’s best movers. Service variety can range from service areas to specialty moves. 

Most Texas movers will offer both long-distance and local moving services, but it’s those that offer different move packages or special item moves that stand out in quality. Even if you’re not interested in all types of moving services, companies that offer a lot of services show you that they know how to navigate many situations. 

Muscleman Moving offers both local and long-distance moves and has several different packages for any type of move. This means that we can give you full service, a-la-carte options like only packing and unpacking, or only onsite labor. 

We also have specialty moves for a wide range of objects. We’re pros at moving pianos, and if we can carry your piano we can also move your antique clock, gun safe, or hot tub to wherever you want it to go. 


Any kind of move is an important one when it comes to protecting your items. That’s why certification in a moving company matters a lot when picking from moving companies in Austin. 

One great sign to look for when choosing the best moving company is a membership with the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). Being a member of AMSA means completing background screenings with government authorities along with their Better Business Bureau.

Muscleman Moving is proud to display our membership with AMSA as well as our A+ rating as an accredited business with BBB. This means that we are fully licensed and insured to be moving and operating in Texas. 

Certification also indicates that a given company is qualified to be doing the work that it does. You can see this at work in the way that companies are adjusting to the current circumstances as well. 

In light of COVID-19, good moving companies will make sure to operate under proper CDC guidelines. We are dedicated to giving high-quality essential business that is also completely safe. 


While it may not seem “essential” on everyone’s moving list, being eco-friendly should count for a lot when it comes to moving. 

Moving uses a lot of resources. From renting a moving van to the boxes you use to pack up your items, it all has some impact on the environment. It may seem small, but we know that it all adds up. 

That’s why in your search for the best moving company in Austin, Texas you should look into whether the company values the environment. There are lots of ways that moving companies address this important issue. 

For Muscleman Moving, that’s through using eco-friendly materials such as reusable bins for an efficient move that produces less waste. 


The testament of “standing the test of time” goes a long way when it comes to reliable business. When looking for the best movers in Austin, the ones that have been around for a while are your better bets. 

Experience comes in many forms. That means the years in the history of the company matter just as much as the years on the people currently working at the company. 

Most Texas movers have movers who have an average of ten years of experience in the moving industry.

Muscleman Moving has been around since 2002. In addition, most of our movers have been a part of our business for over four years, with a minimum of ten years of experience themselves personally. 

Time to Move on, Without the Baggage: The Best Movers in Austin Can Help

Obviously, there are other things like pricing that you should take into account when debating between Austin’s best movers. But in choosing the best company for you, the quality is what should stand out. 

What you’ll find is that at the end of the day, all of these qualities combine to create the best movers in Austin. And you’ll get that kind of quality from a company that is driven by customer service. 

That’s where Muscleman Moving shines. As a family-owned and customer committed moving company, we’re ready to show you that we’re in it for the long haul. Begin your next adventure with us through a quick call at 512.298.5311 or get a free quote by filling out our Simple Move Form today!

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