Finding the Best Movers in Austin, TX, for a Local Move

Finding the Best Movers in Austin, TX, for a Local Move

Local moves can be easier than long-distance moves if you find the right movers for the job. Here, we explain how to find the best movers in Austin, TX.

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If you’re moving a house locally, you’re probably wondering if hiring a professional mover is really necessary. The short answer to that is, yes.

Whether it’s a local move or cross-country move, hiring professional help to pack up, transport, and unpack all your worldly possessions is always a wise decision. 

Here’s what to look for when finding the best movers in Austin.

7 Handy Tips to Help You Find the Best Movers in Austin

It goes without saying that professional movers are a dime a dozen these days. Whether it’s a national, long-distance mover, or the local guy with a small rental truck, how do you choose? 

In short: it’s not about choosing the best overall, it’s about choosing the best for your needs. These additional tips should help:

1. Always Hire a Local Mover

This may sound like a no-brainer, but there are too many people that get suckered in by sinister deals and movers who solely operate over the internet. 

Always opt for a local mover who has a good reputation to match. Ask friends and family for local recommendations. Don’t be afraid to visit the company’s office and take a look at their equipment and size of the operation if they have a location.

2. Consider How Long They’ve Been in Business

If you’re considering a moving company with little-to-no track record, how can you be guaranteed good quality service?

Look for a business that has the experience and a decent history of operation, dating back at least two years. If you’re making a long-distance move, it’s best to opt for a company with at least a decade of planning and executing these complicated moves.

3. Look For Adequate Licensing and Insurance 

Without the correct licensing and insurance, this puts all your belongings at great risk. It’s super important to do your research first and ensure the company is adequately qualified to handle your move — even if it’s just down the street. 

You can generally find this type of information on the company website. They should list their Department of Transportation (DOT) license and insurance details. If you have your doubts, don’t hesitate to ask for proof of insurance!  

It’s also a good idea to check whether the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau

4. What Scope of Services Do They Offer?

Before you commit to a local mover, find out the range of services they offer and whether they take all your boxes. There’s no use in hiring a moving service that doesn’t offer the manpower or the right equipment for the job. 

Inquire whether they handle specialty items such as gun safes, pool tables, pianos, and hot tubs. Make sure you notify the company during the quotation period so they can add this into the overall cost and you’re not left with surprise fees at the end! 

Basically, if you require any specialized services, make sure the company can help you — otherwise, it’s best to find a professional who can.

5. Take a Look at Company Reviews 

Company reviews from former clients are one of the best ways to gauge a clear idea of the level of service offered by any business. It’s no different with a moving company. 

Do a little homework of your own and scout out sites like the Better Business Bureau for reviews, otherwise, Facebook, Google and Yelp work too. Some professional movers will even display reviews on their own website. 

Keep in mind that companies with 4-star reviews and above are the best to work with. Beware of 2-star reviews and below. 3-star reviews are probably the most honest. This is where customers tend to highlight both positives and negatives about their experience. This offers a broad perspective on what the company is really like. 

6. Keep the Rule of Three In Mind 

When it comes to moving quotes, don’t make the mistake of settling for your first estimate. Instead, follow the rule of threes. 

Do a little research and ask at least three different movers to give you an in-person quote. This is the most accurate way of getting a true estimate for moving your possessions. Remember that no moving company can give you a true estimate without actually seeing how much stuff you own. So in-person estimates are best.

7. Beware of These Red Flags

There a few glaring no-no’s that you need to look out for when weighing up your options. It’s important to watch out for red flags during the moving estimate. 

Bear in mind that a reputable moving company won’t ask for a large cash deposit before you move. If they seem overly keen to secure money upfront, this is a warning sign. 

Take note of their professionalism during the in-person estimate. It’s crucial that they arrive on time, can answer all of your questions in detail, and seem sure of their abilities. 

Finally, beware of a moving company that arrives in a rented moving van. A well-established business should have its own branded equipment. 

Find Top-Notch Moving Services in Austin, TX 

If you’re looking for one of the best movers in Austin, then Muscleman Moving is your local expert. We not only offer local services, but long-haul moving, the handling of specialty items, and storage solutions. 

So if you need a well-established professional to handle your worldly possessions with the best care possible, get your free quote today

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