Moving to Austin: A Complete Guide for New Residents

Moving to Austin: A Complete Guide for New Residents

Your move date is getting closer. Do you have all your moving essentials? Start planning with this complete guide on moving to Austin.

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Austin, TX has done it again, ranking number one on the prestigious US News Best Places to Live analysis for 2019.

The city offers a wealth of attractions for residents with friendly locals, a unique culture, and fantastic employment opportunities. You’ll find a host of things to do in the exciting city powered by a thriving live music industry too.

Before you start packing, here’s what you need to know about moving to Austin. 

What to Expect in Austin

Austin’s already the eleventh largest city in the USA and it’s getting bigger every day. In fact, it was the country’s fastest-growing large city during 2019.

Here’s a quick summary of Austin’s vital statistics. 

The population’s currently around 988,000, and the median income in this part of the world is approximately $97,331 per annum. You can expect to pay around $1,225 per month in rent, and you can pick up a good-size house for just over $312,300.

The main employment sectors in the city include:

  • Clean technology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Data management
  • Creative and digital media technology
  • Financial services

In keeping with its population growth, the city added 3.5% more jobs during 2020. Additionally, several major companies like Apple, Facebook, General Motors, and VISA have their headquarters in Austin. 

The growing rate of employment is fueled by the thriving educational institutions around. There are over 20 colleges and universities in the vicinity of Austin and a wealth of excellent schools to support the population and add to the pool of talent. 

Things to Do When You’re Living in Austin

It’s definitely not a case of all work and no play in Austin. The city’s filled with entertainment to suit every interest and budget too.

These are some of the top things to do in your spare time.

Get to Know Your City

One of the best things to do when you first arrive is to head out on a city tour. During this outing, you’ll get an idea of all the best sights, shops, museums, galleries, and activities that the city has to offer. 

So, enjoy being a tourist for a day or two before you settle into your daily routine.

Zilker Metropolitan Park

This is one of the first places to put on your list if you want to sail through Austin’s soaring summer temperatures. The park offers a beautiful shady environment as well as Barton Springs Pool where you can retreat from the heat. 

You can also kayak, stroll, picnic, or dig for fossils at the Science Center’s dino pit. Don’t miss the Austin City Limits Music Festival, hosted at this destination every year either. 

SoCo District

Nightowls take note, this is where you’ll head after dark for dining, dancing, and socializing. The area’s a hotspot of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants serving up gourmet cuisine as well as down-home Texas fare. 

By day, you can snap up bargain finds or splurge at one of the areas many trendy stores. 

McKinney Falls State Park

This lovely outdoor escape’s just over 5 miles from the city center and the perfect place for some peace and quiet on the weekends. 

Here, you can camp, bike, and hike among towering limestone formations and woods. There are also a few cabins available for those who like their creature comforts, 

Moving to Austin Checklist

You know it’ll be plain sailing once you arrive in Austin, but what about all the preparations you’ll need to do in advance? The sooner you start planning, the better.

Here’s a snapshot of how to ensure a smooth move. 

Early Arrangements

Once you’ve found somewhere to stay, the next most important thing is to find the best schools nearby if you have children.

You’ll also want to ensure that you get all the paperwork sorted with regard to services like water, electricity, telecommunications, and the internet well in advance.

Booking a Team of Movers

The first step in planning your actual move is comparing the best moving companies Austin has available according to your needs.

Thanks to all the activity around the city you’ll find a host of movers specializing in different types of moves. You can choose from:

  • Full-service movers
  • Specialty movers
  • Long-distance movers
  • Local moving services
  • Commercial moving companies

In addition, you’ll find moving and storage companies that can assist with those extra things that might not fit into your new home right now. 

No matter your exact requirements, experienced movers will make all the difference when it comes to a speedy, efficient, and stress-free relocation.

Booking your moving service early means you’re more likely to get the dates you want, so you can get packing with a goal in mind. 

Packing Tips

One day at a time is a good motto when it comes to packing up your home or business. Pack non-essentials like ornaments, artwork, and books first and work your way towards the bare essentials.

Be sure to stock up on packing supplies like boxes, tape, labels, and fillers before you get started to avoid disruptions and disappointment. 

It’s best to arrange for specialized movers to handle any fragile, valuable, or rare items in your home. They’ll pack these treasures properly and ensure they make it to the other side in one piece.

Be sure to inventory every item and label your boxes according to the relevant room as well as the contents.

This can save you endless hassles and confusion when you arrive. It also allows your movers to help you out by placing the correct boxes in each room. 

Moving Day Musts

It’s a good idea to set one box aside for essential first-night items like a kettle, pet bowls, and some supplies, as well as clothing and toiletries for one night. 

Take this box along in your car with you, so you’ll have it close to hand when you arrive. You leave most of the other tasks for the day to your moving company. 

The last thing you need to do is arrange for a cleaning service, lock up, and head off to your exciting new hometown.

Book Your Move Today

Whether you’re moving from Houston to Austin or across the country, you want the best movers Austin has to offer.

Either way, if you’re moving to Austin TX any time soon, get in touch for a free instant quote or advice on planning your relocation.

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