How to Handle Moving With Kids

About 13% of Americans move each year. While most of the moves are local, others go beyond borders. Moving can be a daunting experience. 

If you’re moving with kids, the process can be pretty hectic, especially if they are still too young to comprehend it. The idea of change, a new place, and the whole process can be overwhelming to the young ones.

Here are some of our top tips on how to handle moving with children.

Talk To Your Children About the Move

Depending on your children’s age, it’s crucial to tell them about the move in the most comprehensible way. Brief them on what to expect throughout the process and in the new place. You can gauge how they feel about it from the conversation. 

If possible, take your children to the new place and explore the neighborhood together. Show them spots that would interest them, such as a park. The idea is to make them look forward to the move as much as possible. 

For a cross-country move where visiting might be hard, provide them with detailed information. Show them pictures of the house, their to-be play area, the neighborhood, and anything that’s likely to excite them. The more eager they are to move, the easier it will be for you. 

Early Preparation 

When moving with kids, last-minute rushing can be chaotic. It can lead to unnecessary anxiety. Worse still, it can make young children fussy as they try to get in tune with what’s happening. 

Everything should be ready before the moving day. Pack and clean early to allow your family enough time to prepare. 

There are several questions you can ask your moving company before the moving day to help with preparation. You will want to know if the team helps with the packing and unpacking to understand the roles you will play throughout the process. 

Allow your kids to assist in preparing for the move. Involving them will make it easier for them to embrace the change. By the time you’re moving, they will be eager enough and will be less likely to cause you trouble. 

Have a Plan for the Week?

The week you plan to move can be quite busy. Likely, your home won’t run as usual as you’ll be making the final preparations. The best you can do is to have a plan for that week to ensure that it doesn’t turn chaotic. 

Plan with your kids the details of that week. Make precise meal plans to know which items to leave unpacked for a few days. 

Create schedules on what to pack when to avoid last-minute frustrations. Ensure that everyone understands their role during that week and on the moving day. 

Inform the kids who will move in which car. Plan every single detail to ensure the last week and the moving day will be a success. If possible, have it in writing!

Hire a Great Moving Company

You’d be spoilt for choice when looking for a moving company in Austin. However, you need to hire kid-friendly movers if you’re preparing for a move with kids. The process is different with children, and your moving company should have strategies in place to make everything easier. 

A reputable moving company understands that moving with kids is stressful. They can make it easier for you by helping with services such as packing and unpacking. You can vet a company in advance to know how they intend to ensure that your move with kids is less hectic. 

If you’re preparing for a long-distance move, the kind of movers you choose will have a significant impact on your experience. Get a team that will understand your needs before and during the move. Your children’s comfort through the process should be a priority. 

Goodbye Party

Goodbyes are unpleasant. The best way to change the mood is by throwing a goodbye party, which will go a long way in making your kids relax. Invite your family members, neighbors, and your kid’s friends for the last-day interaction. 

Whether you’re moving to the city or in another state, invite your close networks for a goodbye party. Everyone will have pleasant memories of the move. Your kids will have adequate time to hug their friends goodbye and exchange mementos. 

The adults at the party can further encourage the kids in preparation for the big move. By the time the moving day approaches, your young ones will be at ease. 

Get Your Children a Caregiver

Moving home is among the most top stressful events for adults and kids. You need to see to it that your kids transition successfully. Hiring a caregiver through the process will ensure that your babies have the attention they need during moving. 

Young children will need supervision before and during the move. It would help to get a babysitter before that moving week. The right caregiver will be resourceful as you’ll work with the moving company knowing that your children are safe. 

You can ask your moving company to recommend childcare services. Alternatively, get friends or family to assist as the children are likely to be more comfortable with a familiar person. You can get the older kids engaged with activities that will keep them away from the movers.

Moving With Kids Can be Hectic

Moving isn’t an activity that you’d look forward to! Even with an exciting new location, preparing for a move can be stressful. It is worse when you are moving with kids. 

You need to prepare your children physically and emotionally to make the move smooth. While at it, partner with the best moving company.

Muscleman Moving & Piano Experts is your ideal moving partner if you are in Austin and its environs. We have years of experience in moving families. You can get a quote within a few minutes to help you budget for the move.

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