7 Useful Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving house is an exciting experience, but it can also be highly stressful. Studies have found moving can be more stressful than divorce. Before you cancel your move or look away in denial, there are steps you can take to make it easier. Not even just easier. You can have a stress-free move!

Whether you are moving across the country or moving to the city, there will be challenges to overcome. But there are also ways you can prepare. Stress often comes from a lack of preparation, so do not underestimate moving!

One of the main ways you can prepare is when packing up a home. This can be one of the most stressful or manageable parts of the move.

Read on for seven packing tips to help you have a stress-free move!

1. Give Yourself Enough Time

Some of us work well under pressure. But none of us work well packing up a home last minute. You need a solid plan from day one. 

There is always more to do than you realize. From dismantling furniture to attempting to get the sofa out the door, you need time. Do not cause unnecessary stress by leaving it all to the end.

As soon as you decide to move, start the process. Aim to do a little every day and identify the main packing tasks that require time. Then you can have time to appreciate the final few days in your current home. 

2. Have the Packing Supplies

The more boxes and other packing resources you have, the better. Some moving companies provide them, but be on the safe side and have more for backup. 

Packing supplies include boxes, tape, bubble-wrap, and labels. Keep any newspapers for wrapping, too. 

The supplies do not have to cost you much, if anything. Ask at supermarkets, or other retailers, for leftover boxes. Also, contact friends and family to ask for any boxes they have lying around. 

You can also make use of any backpacks, suitcases, and bags to transport items when moving! 

3. Ask for Help

Whether you are long-distance moving or just moving to the city nearby, people can help. Make sure any people who are moving with you are involved in packing up. But also ask any friends or family to help out.

A team of helpers means you can delegate tasks and have a more organized operation. It is also a way to see loved ones in the weeks leading up to your move, as it is hard to make plans during this time.

4. Get Rid of Items

Moving house is the perfect opportunity to have a clear-out. It will save you space and time in your new home. Boxes with things you do not use will just sit unpacked for months in your new home. 

There are also many benefits of an uncluttered space. Start your next chapter right with only items you need! 

Assign boxes for donation. Local thrift shops and charities always appreciate donations. It also prevents waste. 

You can also enquire about recycling any products. Or leave some items behind for the next occupants. Always check with them first, and do not leave unnecessary things they will not want.

It may feel like an excellent opportunity to sneakily throw out items you dislike. But if they do not belong to you, it is best to communicate. You do not want that divorce.

5. Organize Your Boxes 

One of the essential packing tips is to organize your boxes. Make sure you label what is in each box. It will make items easier to unpack and access in the meantime.

Also, group by room and label the box right. That way, the boxes can go to the correct location immediately.

Take photos of any cords or furniture to know how to re-assemble. Name the photo the same number as the box, so you do not have to decipher any photos later. 

Never overpack your boxes or presume things will not break. Valuable and fragile items should be clearly labeled. Also, prepare electronics in advance, so they have time to cool down.

Label any items you are not taking with you. Otherwise, that chair you have wanted to shift may show up in your new home.

6. Consider a Storage Unit

If you cannot let go of that chair yet or are unsure if you need an item, get a storage unit. It can be a short-term storage option that saves you from the pressure of making hasty decisions. There may also be some items that you realize you can accommodate once you have moved in. 

Some moving companies offer storage services. There are factors to consider, such as the unit size and whether the services offer to pick up. A full-service will save you time and is convenient if you do not have transport, as they come and get the items. 

7. Reserve a Moving Company Quick

As soon as you decide to move and have a date, book a moving company. You do not want to be left with no options.

Hiring a moving company has many advantages. They will help move heavy furniture safely, pack correctly, and ensure it is an efficient move.

A stress-free move will not happen if you overload your car or injure your back attempting to move items. Moving companies often offer additional services and specialisms, such as moving pianos.

Ask questions to help decide on a moving company. Questions include whether they do long-distance moving and if they have customer testimonials. Make sure you go with a reputable company to avoid any issues.

Packing a Home Right for a Stress-Free Move!

Follow these packing tips to help guarantee a stress-free move. And most importantly, remain calm. Packing a home can feel overwhelming, but with a plan, everything will quickly fall into place. 

Muscleman Moving & Piano Experts offers local and long-distance moving. We also provide services such as packing, storage, and muscle, to make your move as easy as possible for you. 

Get a free instant quote today to get started!

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