Moving Out of State: Your Complete Long Distance Moving Guide

Over 3 million Americans move out of state each year. During this recent time of pandemic upheaval, experts predict that this number will skyrocket. Why?

Many companies are eliminating the requirement to work in-office. That’s changing the population makeup of the country a bit. Many tech and employment hubs are in major cities, like San Francisco or New York City.

With astronomical rent prices in these cities, combined with the ability to work remotely, many families are moving. Moving out of state is a massive undertaking, but it can reap massive benefits.

Maybe your family will finally be able to own a house or have a yard. Maybe the job of your dreams is located a few states over. Or, the kids will be able to grow up near their extended family. 

However, that doesn’t mean long-distance moving isn’t a challenge. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of long-distance moving tips that will make it easier for you!

Receiving Relocation Assistance

Before you start packing boxes or hiring movers, take a look at your options for relocating. If you signed on for a new job, or if you’re transferring to a different company located in another state, you may receive relocation assistance.

Depending on the extent of your employer’s relocation package, you may be eligible for payment or reimbursement for many of the costs associated with moving.

This could include paying for a storage unit for your belongings until you’re settled in the new location. Depending on the timeline, you may receive reimbursements for terminating your lease, temporary housing, and more.

Make sure you thoroughly investigate the details of a relocation package. There may be more perks than you ever expected. If it’s offered, make sure you take advantage of pre-move visits.

This will give you an opportunity to see your new city in person, check out the neighborhoods, and see some real estate before you sign on the dotted line.

Create a Budget

It’s no secret that relocating is expensive! When you move to another state, you need to be prepared. If your employer offers a reimbursement relocation package, you still need to outlay money initially. 

And if there’s no relocation package at all, you need to budget carefully. From lease termination fees to paying movers, from meals on the road to nights at a hotel during your trip, costs keep popping up.

You don’t want to be taken unawares, or start your new life in a new state strapped for cash.

Come up With a Strategic Packing Plan

With a long-distance move, your precious belongings will be traveling a long way. That means you’ll need to pack carefully to minimize the stress associated with a move.

What’s one of the biggest moving stressors? The disarray and chaos associated with it. When you’re in your current residence, packing up all the kitchen utensils three weeks before you move is a recipe for misery.

When you’re spending the first night at your new residence, not being able to find which box has clean clothes for the kids is a new nightmare. By strategic packing and labeling, you’ll be able to avoid these painful scenarios.

Start by creating a work back plan. Pick the date you need to move, and block out chunks of time working backward from that. For instance, it might be wise to pack home decor and books three weeks before the move. 

One week before the move, start packing dinnerware that isn’t essential. By staggering your packing in this way, you’ll minimize the frustrations associated with it. 

It’s also important to take charitable giving into account. After all, there isn’t much point in packing up items that you don’t need in your new home. Consider donating items to a local organization that could use them.

Transfer All Practical Items

One of the most important long-distance moving tips is ensuring that all of your ducks are in a row. Where will your mail go when you vacate your new address? And what about your utilities?

Luckily, forwarding your physical mail is easy and won’t take much time at all. Go to, and set up mail forwarding. Pick the date that you want the forwarding service to start, and enter your new address. Forwarding usually lasts for a year.

If you aren’t sure what your new address is going to be yet, you can set up a PO Box in your new city. 

When you go to transfer your utilities, you may need to cancel some services and transfer others. If you know the address of your new home, you can schedule the date you want these utilities to be transferred.

That way, the lights will be on and the water will be running when you get into your new home. For some services, it’s more convenient because you don’t have to start a new account with a new company.

It’s reccommended to schedule these services after move day so moving and hooking up utilities aren’t overlapping. It’s common for people to want to set up cable and internet the same day the movers arrive but it is too chaotic that way.

Hiring Movers

When moving out of state, hiring professional movers can be a godsend. With a reliable company, everything is so much easier.

Start by researching their ratings and reviews online. What do other customers say about them? It’s also important to check on their Better Business Bureau rating

This helps ensure that they are a legitimate company. When you’re doing your research, take the time to contact at least three companies. They should each give you a quote.

Moving companies will either inspect your home in person or ask for a video survey. This will let them assess how many items they need to move and how big the job is.

This is a huge determining factor in what your quote will be. If a company gives you a quote without assessing your items, this is a huge red flag that they might not be legitimate.

Moving Out of State

When you’re moving out of state, the best way to make the process easier is to hire movers. They’ve dealt with hundreds of situations similar to yours, and know exactly how to handle them.

If you’d like to get a quote from reliable, punctual movers today, contact us! We’d be happy to help.

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