The Ultimate Moving Day Checklist

The entire process of shifting to a new home can take anywhere between 8 and 22 weeks. That’s due to the many little details you need to take care of from start to finish.

The days leading to the moving day involve lots of planning and organizing. Once you’ve packed up what you need to bring with you to your new residence, donated what you don’t need, talked to local moving companies, and done everything else to ready yourself for the move, it’s time to prepare a moving day checklist.

A checklist helps compensate for any potential limits of your memory and attention come moving day, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

In today’s post, we’ve prepared a moving day checklist, along with some actionable moving day tips to help make the transition a breeze for you.

Get Up Early

No matter what time your move is, you must wake up as early as possible on moving day. As you’re going to find out, moving day can be a marathon, and you need to be ready.

Even if you feel you’ve already packed everything in moving boxes and done all the organizing needed, there’s bound to be some last-minute things to take care of. So you need to give yourself ample time before your movers arrive.

Early in the morning, get nourished by eating a healthy breakfast that packs sufficient proteins. Add some healthy fat too, such as avocado, to keep hunger away longer.

Take Care of Last-Minute Packing

Even with the most meticulous packing, certain items remain unpacked until the moving day. These may be items you aren’t sure what you want to do with or which label to give the boxes you put them in.

Use the same packing tips you used when packing the other items. In addition, you may need to create some miscellaneous boxes for these items.

Take Photos of the House and Your Stuff

As soon as you’ve packed everything into your moving boxes and moving blankets and half-disassembled your furniture and electronics, your home will look nothing like what you’ve been used to. However, it still helps to have several photos of the stuff and house before you leave.

The photos you take will serve as evidence of the current condition of your belongings that movers will handle. What about the items that are already in the moving boxes? The assumption here is that you photographed them before you packed them.

Photos also provide proof of the condition of the home you’re leaving. They show the final readings of the meters in your old home.

Suppose you’re going to be reassembling some furniture and reconnecting electronics and appliances once you move into your new home. In that case, photos can prove a great help in showing where everything goes.

Clean the House

You’ll need to leave your old house as clean as you found it when you move in. The assumption here is that you already cleaned the rooms you packed up and shut the doors. That leaves with only a couple of rooms that need a once-over, such as your living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Take the time to clean these spaces before you move out of the compound for the last time.

Manage Your Movers

A large percentage of the 40 million moves that happen in the US each year involve working with professional moving services. Find a reputable same-day moving company in your area to assist with the moving.

Your movers will already know how to go about loading the items into the truck. However, you can still make their job easier by creating a path to the truck that’s as obstacle-free as possible. You can also provide any information that you feel is helpful, including telling them which boxes contain breakable items.

Once everything is in the truck, it’s time to leave for your new home.

Arrive at Your New House

After a long day filled with a flurry of activities, it’s now time for your new life to start. Your movers will unload your belongings and move them into your house. Check to ascertain that your stuff is still in good condition.

As soon as the movers have left, it’s time to start making your new house a home. Note that it may be impossible to unpack everything and set it where it should go the same day you move into your new residence.

Simply unpack only the essentials. These are items you’re going to need for the evening and the next day. You’ll probably need to set up your bed, unpack your bathroom essentials, your PJs, an outfit for the following day, and so on.

This is also the time to set up the curtains, especially in the rooms you’re going to use for the night. Curtains also help you avoid the morning light. Given the amount of unpacking you’ll need to do over the next few days, you need as much sleep as you can get to stay energized.


With the bed and curtains set up and your essentials unpacked, it’s time to sit down, chill, and relax. After a long and busy day, you need it.

You need something to eat, so consider ordering some takeout. You could also grab a bite in a nice restaurant in your new area and enjoy some fresh air as the day ends.

Use a Moving Day Checklist to Make Everything Easier

Moving can be an overwhelming experience, whether you’re doing it for the first time or the 20th. The best way to make things easier for you is to have a comprehensive moving day checklist to make sure nothing gets forgotten.

Are you planning to move house soon and require reliable moving services to assist with the move? Get a free instant quote from us today.

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