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moving with kids

How to Handle Moving With Kids

About 13% of Americans move each year. While most of the moves are local, others go beyond borders. Moving can be a daunting experience.  If you’re moving with kids, the process can be pretty hectic, especially if they are still too young to comprehend it. The idea of change, a new place, and the whole

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safe move

How to Have a Safe Move During COVID

Whether you landed a new job in a new state, or you simply desire to relocate somewhere that’s more preferable to you, it’s no secret that the moving process can be a real drag. To make matters worse, COVID-19 has complicated this process even further. If you’d like to learn how to move during these

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how to move a piano

A Complete Guide on How to Move a Piano (the Right Way!)

One in 3,788 households has a piano. That’s a small portion of the population. But those who own the instrument tend to take pride in their pianos. As such, they treat them with care, especially when it’s time to move.  Perhaps you’re one of those few households with a set of ivories, and you’re packing

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moving furniture

13 Expert Tips on Moving Furniture

We all know that moving is difficult and hazardous in general. But nothing makes that fact more obvious than when you’re moving furniture. And that’s not just because these are the heaviest items but also because they’re the hardest to fit through the doorways. In other words, it’s not a problem you want to learn about

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