Have some questions about moving? Our team of movers has decades of professional experience moving Texas residents and we are more than eager to share our expertise with our customers and other families looking to move in the near future. Check out our answers to several frequently asked questions below:

Can I leave my belongings in my drawers?

Yes, but we suggest that your items be removed. Clothing is usually fine, but loose items or breakable items might fall out when your furniture is tilted. All items in furniture made of particle board or pressured wood need to be removed. These types of furniture are not sturdy enough to take the pressure of a move with items in the drawers.

How is the price determined?

We are very honest, and want you to understand all your pricing options. Your move can be itemized, piece by piece, or we can give you a flat hourly rate. Our experience has shown that moving based on our low hourly rates is a less expensive option than pricing based on itemizing your move, or paying by cubic feet or weight. We can estimate the time required for your move; our experience has proven that we are the most accurate in the industry. Our movers are not only professional in actions and appearance, but efficient, competent, and experienced. We will be happy to come out and give a free in-home estimate for your move, if you prefer. Please refer to our pricing section under moving services for more information.
When will I need to pay for my move?

We believe that since you trust us to come into your home and move your personal items, we trust you to pay for your move upon completion, only when you are completely satisfied. We are confident that you will be happy with your move with us, and will refer us to your friends. Repeat business is how our business was built; some customers have moved with us five or more times. Your movers will contact you, they will you their name and contact information. We all learned about stranger danger; you will know your movers and become familiar with them, making your move less stressful.
What is the difference between a labor services move and a full service move?

On a labor services job, we provide the movers with dollies, no truck. Make sure that you have blankets, tie downs, and supplies on site for your move. On a full service move, we proved movers, dollies, blankets, stretch wrap, straps and the truck at no extra charge.
When should I begin planning my move?

It is never too early to start planning your move, but we know that unanticipated events happen and moving may just be a sudden event. Don’t worry; we can schedule your move whether you plan months ahead, or you need us within a day. We are open and willing to move 24/7; even same day moves can be scheduled.
Are There Items that cannot be moved?

The law does not allow us to mover certain items which includes flammables perishables, pets and weapons. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Can Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts, LLC move antiques and high value items?

Transporting your valuable items is the top priority of Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts, LLC. Our professional movers treat every item with the utmost care; your valuables could not be in better hands. While we handle your items, loading or unloading, we guarantee that your items will be completely safe. This is backed with a 100% guarantee. Please see the Arts and Antiques section under the moving services tab.

Do we move appliances and other large items?

Our movers will move all of your appliances. If you are seeking some assistance to move your appliances, we have preparation services available. Please see preparation services on the moving services tab. We also move pool tables, pianos, hot tubs, and gun safes. You name it, we move it.

Is giving a tip to the movers required?

It is the normal practice that movers are given a tip, but is not required. Providing your movers with drinks is advised, because of the Texas heat. Cold water is always appreciated, and your movers will be at top efficiency, not having to stop working to stay hydrated. When offering tips to the movers, always know that our movers are appreciative and understand that you are never required to provide a tip.

Will I have to tune my piano after a move?

We have been moving pianos for a long time and this is our expertise. Many of our customers say that we have moved their piano with such care that tuning was not necessary. Sometimes, tuning will be required. Be sure to place your piano on an interior wall to reduce exposure to moisture. Please see the piano tab for more information.

Are my items insured?

Unlike other moving companies, we cover your items 100% while our movers handle your items. This means that when we are loading and unloading they are fully guaranteed.

During the move, while items are in the truck and on the road, the standard $.60 per pound per article applies. Additional coverage is available.