Moving & The Coronavirus

We will keep this page updated as changes come

Moving is considered an “essential service”.  We are still operating and are here to help with your move during the “Shelter In Place” order. 

What We Are Doing

Muscleman Moving is actively working to help stop the spread of the virus. We are asking our movers and team members to stay home if they or anyone they have been exposed to has had a fever or flu like symptoms. Team members are being instructed to wash their hands often and wipe down our equipment and trucks frequently. 

 It has been normal practice for us to work the same movers with each other to keep a consistent flow and good chemistry during moves. This is beneficial in the current situation as we are not mixing our whole team together in large groups. We are postponing team meetings in the mornings and dispatching crews individually. 

We are staying up to date with CDC recommendations that apply to the moving industry and transportation services. We plan to be here to help you with your moving needs and do not foresee a situation where moving companies will be shut down. As long as leases and mortgages continue, we will be considered an essential business as people still have to move. However, if it is advised for us to stop operations, we will definitely comply.

We are doing our part to stay informed and will keep this page updated just as soon as we get more information. 

How You Can Help

We are asking our customers to inform us if you or anyone you have come in contact with has had a fever or flu like symptoms and keep us up to date as your move date approaches. We have changed our policy and we are now offering to reschedule or cancel moves if needed and deposits will be fully refundable.

Our movers are doing their best to remember not to shake hands and practice social distancing. Please give our team space to operate during the moving process and avoid any unnecessary contact.

We have our tucks stocked with masks, gloves and sanitation items in an attempt to keep our movers as well as customers and families safe.

Lastly, we ask that you help keep our movers safe by disinfecting furniture items, appliances and high traffic areas within your home or office to limit the exposure to our team. Together we can help eliminate the community spread.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.  We look forward to working with you and  getting you to your new home safely.

To see this information yourself or for any concerns, please click here  or call 3-1-1 (512-974-2000)


Your Muscleman Team


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