Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts not only offer full, turn-key service but also just labor service if needed. A lot of the time people who are moving tend to do the move themselves to save money, which is the best way to do so. But sometimes you just need a little extra muscle! That’s where our labor service comes in handy. If you already have your moving truck, we can send out as many men as needed to help with the load and/or unload of your belongings.

In some situations, all you might have is a U-box, PODS container or any portable storage units that don’t require a moving truck… we’ve also got you covered there. Also sometimes a move can occur inside the home itself; whether it’s rearranging furniture or switching the rooms the furniture is in.

With our labor services, we only provide the movers with dollies, so it’s best to make sure you have as many blankets, tie downs, straps and other supplies as you need for your furniture to be fully protected for your move.