When choosing a moving company, make sure you check the TXdmv website to make sure the company is licensed and has current insurance. You might be surprised to find out some of the big companies have been revoked.

When packing yourself make sure boxes are not over weight, closed properly, and are labeled correctly to save you time and space, two things you might need when moving day comes. We provide professional packing services if you would like leave it to the pros. We can also provide all the supplies necessary.

Just because a moving company is fully licensed and insured doesn’t mean your valuable items have the protection they deserve. TXdmv only requires moving companies to pay $.60 per pound per article, unless written in the contract prior to your move. This means if your 30lb painting that’s been in your family for generations gets damaged, you will only receive $18 by Texas state law. At Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts LLC we understand that there are some items you just CANNOT put a price on. Although extra coverage is available, your items will always be handled with the utmost care.

Check with the Better Business Bureau and make sure there are no open claims on the company you are considering using for your relocation. Also, read reviews and do a little research. You are trusting these people with all your belongings.

When doing a long distance move, make sure you have guaranteed dates for the delivery of your shipment. You will be shocked when van lines tell you they have 30 days from the time of pick up to deliver your shipment. This can become a nightmare for you. Move with a company that cares about your specific move, because it actually makes a difference in their company. It doesn’t matter if a huge van line has a few angry customers, these companies are huge and your bad review will not hurt them like it would a small local business. We get the majority of our business from repeat customers and referrals. We want you to be a lifelong client. You are a valued customer when moving with us. We want to go above and beyond your expectations.

Rather your have young kids or teens, moving is a difficult time in their life: switching schools, moving away from friends. Make sure you have discussed this as a family. The last thing you need to worry about is your items being transported. We understand this and we are on your team.

When loading a truck or container. It is good to use heavy base furniture at the bottom like a dresser for example, put boxes on top of that, then loose and awkward shaped items on the top. This way you don’t use all your squares up and have a lot of items that don’t stack towards the end. We are master packers and take pride in leaving you shocked about how much we can fit in a small area. On another note, make sure you get the right size truck for your move, especially when traveling long distance.

You might be able to save some bucks picking up free boxes around town. While this works out sometimes it also has its downfalls. A lot of times these boxes are small and come in all shapes and sizes. This means it will probably take longer to puzzle in when you start playing Tetris on moving day. This will also take up more space when loading, not to mention spider eggs or bed bugs. There are other ways to save money on your move.

You can save money on your move by disassembling your beds and furniture if needed. Disconnect your washer and dryer. Having all loose items consolidated ready to go. If we can grab and go you will be surprised how fast we knock it out.

When moving out of an apartment, if there is a parking spot we might be able to utilize,  save it the night before your move. This way the movers can have easy access and save time and money.

When moving with pets and small children send them with family or friends on moving day. This way you can concentrate on your move. And it is a safety issue when a kid or animal runs behind the movers legs when going down a flight of stairs with a heavy piece of furniture. The last thing you need is a loved one getting hurt on move day.

Have a dedicated area for stuff that’s not going. Make sure you move your keys wallet purse, clothes, anything that is not going to be packed. The last thing you want is your keys in a box in the front of the truck, and then we have to unload everything. Separate these items before your movers show up so there’s no confusion.