Packing Services

Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts specialize in turn-key packing services. We pack with professionalism, efficiency, and courteous sense. Packing is one of those things you can decide to do yourself, or hire some help with. Either way, there are ways to make it easier! It’s all about organization and preparation. Being organized is one of the best ways to help your move go smoothly. Here are some pointers on how Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts does packing right:

First and foremost: Get the materials you need.  Take a look around and estimate how many boxes you will need. (Getting extra won’t hurt) You will need different size boxes for different items. Special boxes for large T.V’s and wardrobe boxes for clothes are great for extra precaution and organized ease. Padding supplies for inside the boxes (or padding for furniture), Bubble wrap, Wrapping sheets, Newspapers, Packing tape, Packing peanuts, Labeling stickers, Scissors, Pens etc…

Another Idea- Instead of buying bubble wrap or peanuts, you can use old clothing, blankets, or towels to provide the padding you need. Not only is it a cheaper way to go, but you have to pack those anyway; Two birds, One stone. For fragile items such as glassware; wrapping them individually in socks gives them the perfect amount of protection.  For packing clothes, you can get a trash bag and make a hole in the top and stick all the hangers through, tying them together with a rubber band.

Designate an area for the packing. Packing an entire house can get chaotic. So we designate a nice open space where all the items can be brought and the packing process can begin. As each box is packed and securely taped it up, we make sure the room it’s from and a number is written on the outside of the box. If it is convenient, write the contents of the box, or even some of the contents to really clarify. This way you know where to designate each box at the destination and you’ll also know if one is missing.

Taking apart large items.  Make sure to inform the movers if you have large furniture such as beds and dressers that need to be taken apart. We have a full line of tools that can be provided if told in advance!  Sometimes it helps to take pictures of things that are more complicated to take apart, so when it’s time to put them back together, you have a better idea of how. All hardware should be placed in Ziploc bags and attached to either a piece of the furniture or a box from that room. After larger items are dis-assembled, blankets will be used to cover and protect your items during the move.

A common problem we run into during moves is refrigerator doors. Sometimes it will not get through the door way with-out dis-assembling them from the hinges. This is perfectly normal and ok! Just let your movers know before-hand so they can bring the proper tools if needed.

Don’t pack air. Wrap each item individually with enough layers of wrapping sheets, bubble wrap, peanuts, clothing or whatever protection is being used. Heavier items are to be placed at the bottom of the box and lighter items at the top. Position the items inside the box at the best angle to fit it all. When packing books, more small boxes as opposed to fewer big boxes should be used.  Never over pack boxes with books as they become too heavy, hard to carry, and can damage other boxes when set on top of each other. When packing smaller items, fill extra space with paper. Utilize all space of the box to not only condense and save boxes but to also distribute weight evenly.

Kitchen Packing. Packing the kitchen will be the biggest task. On top of all size boxes and odds and ends in drawers and cabinets, some of our most valuable possessions are in the kitchen.  From favorite glasses to collectable sets, we are sure to pack it all with love. When getting boxes, the best kind for the kitchen are dish packs. These are boxes specifically made for dishes. Again, you can wrap glasses in socks or double wrap them in paper to secure them. Plates should be packed vertically, like records and pots and pans should be stacked inside each other. Be sure to label in big bold letters “FRAGILE” so everyone is aware.

Stack boxes and leave in rooms. Once the boxes are packed, sealed, and labeled, they should be stacked along one wall and they will stay there until the room is complete. This will keep all the boxes that belong in the same room to stay together, be loaded up together, and dispersed into the correct rooms together.

Final Walk through.  Be sure to take one last look in all rooms, behind all doors and in all cabinets and drawers to make sure nothing is being left behind. Grab any left-over boxes, papers or pens that were used in the packing process.

Packing can be the most stressful part about the moving process; but with Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts, It doesn’t have to be.