Don’t let the gloomy weather affect your move!
It’s your moving day. Everything is packed, The movers arrive, The Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts truck is outside and despite your hopes for good weather, the forecast is not in your favor. The storm is here, prompting worries of soaked boxes and ruined furniture.

But moving in bad weather doesn’t have to be a nightmare with us. If you have to move when it’s raining and cold, follow these tips to protect belongings and help your movers be more efficient

Protect Your Belongings:
While rain might make you worry about the durability of your boxes, cardboard is actually more durable than it looks! As long as you make sure your boxes are sealed with packing tape, everything inside should survive the move. Moving with us, we plan for these elements bringing along plenty of blankets as well as tape and shrink wrap to protect all your items, big and small! Upon special order, we can also bring along covers for couches as well as mattresses and large boxes for your T.Vs and wardrobe.
Prep Your New Home:
For those moving in-town, prep the new area before you start moving. Lay plenty of rugs and/or towels on both sides of the front door to keep from tracking water or mud onto your new floors. If it is cold outside, making sure the utilities are on might help the unloading process so that you and your movers can defrost while unloading/unpacking your belongings.
Same with the home you are moving out of… Making sure towels are laid and preventing mud tracks will save you spending too much time on cleaning the place after everything is out.

Assembly Line can be an efficient alternative:
If you have help moving, it might be best to set up an assembly line to make things move faster and protect your floors. Have one person to stand inside and hand boxes to another person outside who can bring them to the truck and vise versa. This way, the floors will stay dry and mess free, and also save you some time on the whole process!

We hope these tips help your bad weather move go a little smoother, If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, we are here to assist!