Spring is here!  Let’s get Moving!

Here are our top 3 reasons why spring moving is the ideal type of moving!

  1. The weather.

The sun is out, the bluebonnets are blooming, the streets are dry and the temperature is exemplary! It is the perfect weather for hauling boxes especially if it means going up and down stairs. Average temperatures in the beginning of spring range from 59 to 80 degrees and towards the end of spring range from 67 to 87 degrees. April only has about 7 days of rain so there are plenty gorgeous dry days to book!

  1. Slow season.

Spring is the slowest season for moving, so take advantage of it! Many find it the best time to move because of spring break and the kids being out of school so moving to a different location won’t take away from their attendance. The schedule is also easier to work with when it comes to flexibility and pricing.

  1. Spring cleaning.

Many people are getting ready to clean up and start over. Spring is peak season for selling a home and ideal season to look for homes. The spring real estate market usually provides the highest prices for those selling their home. It’s also the perfect time to decorate the exterior because flowers are in full bloom, skies are clear blue and sunny. It makes looking for a new home all the more relaxing and enjoyable!


The time to move is NOW!