TrailerBox Truck Last time you hired a mover did they bring out a box truck or a trailer? I guess a better question is did you think to ask?

Probably not, it shouldn’t really matter anyways right? Unfortunately, that’s wrong. You may be surprised by how this could affect your move. After reading the information below, you will understand why Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts has chosen to use cargo trailers vs. box trucks on all moves.

Loading Time:
Whether you are moving to a new apartment or a house, you have probably taken into consideration if there are stairs or an elevator; not everyone is thrilled about moving to a 3rd floor apartment, especially if you’re planning on doing the move yourself. So the same thing comes into account when you hire a moving company that uses box trucks. The box truck movers have to climb up and down a narrow ramp, which requires lots of unnecessary energy and your movers will get tired much quicker. Cargo trailers however, are close to the ground and we have customized ours to have ramp doors so the whole door folds down! What a huge advantage!
This means one guy can dolly items up while the other guy comes down. There’s 8 feet of ramp to utilize. Imagine trying this on a box truck ramp, it reminds me of the playground at Boone Elementary playing chicken on the balancing beam.

Size and Space:
The biggest box truck a moving company will have is 26 ft. You may be able to find one that has something bigger but I seriously doubt it. Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts has up to 44 ft cargo trailers. Might not be a big deal if you have a 2 bedroom apartment but if you’re moving a large 3 or 4 bedroom home this can be a huge issue. You may be moving across Texas; think how much more it’s going to cost if you have to pay for 2 trucks. A lot of times 26 ft just doesn’t cut it.

Let’s say you have a 5 day gap between when you have to move out of your old house and before you close on the new one. Well, a moving company usually won’t be able to tie up their truck that long which means you have to find a storage unit and move everything twice. Sounds expensive. Let’s say they can hold it to accommodate your needs. Well it’s probably going to be expensive as well. At Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts we understand this happens all the time. We have more trailers than trucks so we can help people in these situations. We will store your things for you in the trailer at a safe location. This will save you a lot of money by working with us.

We have new equipment and like to keep it that way, so chances are there will be no breakdown issues. But if something happens and a truck breaks down or runs over something in the road and no longer can be used, we can always disconnect and hook up another. If you’re stuck in the same situation in a box truck, you have to unload everything into another truck… that kinda sucks, as it puts everything behind schedule.

The average person can go to UHaul, hop in a box truck, and drive it OK , unfortunately this goes for movers as well. On the other hand, if you don’t have experience driving a truck and trailer you might not be able to get out of the parking lot. Movers who use trucks with trailers are far more experienced. With experience, driving a truck and trailer is  like a snake, slithering around corners and getting into some tight spaces. You will find that movers with cargo trailers will have more experience. Just take that into consideration when you see another moving company drive by. If you want experience, it tends to come in a truck and trailer, like Muscle Man Moving & Piano Experts.

This is the only area I could see a box truck may be better than a trailer; The advantage of being able to back up to a loading dock. Although most warehouses will have a loading ramp for trailers as well.

I think we have a winner, trailers are easier to load and unload, have more space for larger moves, can be used for storing contents without tying up a truck, can be switched out in case of mechanical issues so you don’t have to reload in an emergency situation, are easier to get in tight areas and the guys usually have more experience than box truck movers.