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Muscleman Moving & Piano Experts is a fully licensed and insured, customer service based company offering a variety of services such as local and long distance, residential and commercial as well as packing and unpacking services. We offer supplies and storage for convenience and specialize in pianos and other items that require extra care, experience, and of course muscle. Our goal is to make your moving process as simple and stress free as possible.

Most of our movers have been with us for over 4 years, have over 10 years of experience and some of them have even been with us from the beginning. Our team is very experienced and trained to handle any move, big or small. We are the go-to company in town and our friends & competitors turn to us to handle difficult specialty items because of our experience and knowledge!  


A Moving Experience like you have never had before

Family Owned

Let our family move yours. Most of our guys have been with us for many years and some since the beginning. We treat you like family and your belongings like our own.

Eco Friendly

All of our supplies are made with eco-friendly materials. We even went the extra mile and got reusable eco-bins so we can save as much energy as possible

Custom Software

We have created our own software to calculate move times based on your specific inventory and needs to accurately quote your move and make booking with us simple.

You're Covered

We are fully licensed & insured and are even able to offer you additional coverage on your move. With a less than .04% damage rate, you will have peace of mind knowing you hired a company who cares.

Pet Friendly

We love animals and know they're part of the family. Moving can be stressful for not only you but your pets as well. We will do whatever we can to help make this process easy for them too.

Since 2002

Born in 2002, we have seen about every type of situation you could think of. You have a question? We have an answer. You have a problem? We have solutions. Let us be your guide.

How It All Started You Ask?

My name is Michael Stackable and I Started Muscleman Moving & Piano Experts over 15 years ago with my good friends Andre and Vincent as my 1st helpers. With only some dollies, and offering labor only moves, we became the #1 recommended moving company on E-move which was Uhaul’s partner site.  All we did at that time was load and unload Uhauls and rental trucks. We quickly grew to multiple labor crews including some of the movers that are still with us today, guys that I couldn’t do this without; Lafayette, Nick, and TC. I am proud of that loyalty and it is because of their help that we are where we are now. With the success of more than 5,000  customers moved and over 600 5-star reviews,  I bought my 1st truck and cargo trailer. The truck broke down about a month later and I was out a lot of money and was told that it could not be fixed. Around 2010, I searched for someone that had moving experience and their own equipment and found one of the best named Mike Murray, a great mover that still works with us today! He did all the full service moves and we did all the labor jobs. With organic growth, we kept adding quality crews and became what we are today. I feel we have some of the best in the industry and I can confidently say that no matter who shows up to do your job, they will take care of you!

We will change the moving industry

Since we are a customer service based moving company, that means  we do whatever you need to make sure you have a great experience with us. We want to take as much off your plate as possible


All of our movers have been hand picked for experience, efficiency, competence, and courtesy. We look for the type of guy you might mistake as the owner because they care that much



We will never tack on any hidden charges. All potential fees and charges are discussed before we arrive so there are no surprises for you. Upfront and transparent.



We can accommodate to special requests and we always aim to get things done right the first time.  We will figure out a way to get your move done and exceed your expectaions

Movers Who Know What They're Doing


With the help of friends and family, Muscleman Moving is now fully operated by multiple members and many of them help with the moving.  We take pride in our company and are making it our goal to change the game in the moving industry providing full service, stress free moves across the state!

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