Can't Beat Em, Join Em!

We have been around for a while and have had phenomenal success and natural growth. While staying humble and letting other companies thrive, our time has come to take the moving industry to the next level. Customers call us when the movers they hired do not have the skills and experience to move the more difficult items. With career experience, we will show you the ropes to be the next generation of real movers. This is not just a summer gig, with our company you will have endless potential. We are calling on you!

We Pay Good

Get paid based on your performance! We have a unique bonus program in place that gives you the opportunity to drastically increase your pay. We want you to be as motivated as we are about creating raving fans.

Winning Team

Be on the team of quality movers. New equipment and everything you need to make your job easy. Most of our movers have been with us for years and say they are glad to finally find a home at Muscleman.

stairs going  upward

Move Up

If you are willing to work hard, your potential is endless. We have so many different ways to grow at Muscleman. From mover to owner operator to franchise. The possibilities are endless. Your success is up to you.

Are You A Good Fit?

We need people to fill our Lead Mover positions. No experience is required but we are looking for a certain type of mindset and character.

What will you need to succeed?

Impressive customer service and leadership skills, enjoy manual labor mentality and be able to see moving in the sense of a sport. We are a team! The best of the best. We need the type of movers that customers mistake for the owner because of the level of service they provide. This requires problem solving skills, smart, creative thinking and a strong mindset that can focus on the big picture. Must have great communication skills, A desire to learn and be able to handle stressful situations. You have to be hungry and motivated to make money and enjoy helping people while doing so. This is a very physical job and we won’t sugar coat it, you will need to be a strong and fit. 

Imagine a company that pays you based on your performance, where you could be managing or even owning a location in the next few years.

Performance Pay

  • A unique opportunity with us! We have more than just helper/driver positions. We only put customers belongings in a box, not our movers. We need you to thrive!
  • Get paid based on your performance! We have a unique bonus program in place that gives you the opportunity to drastically increase your pay. We want you to be as motivated as we are about creating our raving fans.
  • Base pay starts at $15 an hour + specialty items, large bonuses, and of course, tips!
  • We are the main company that handles specialty moving in Austin and you will receive large commissions on these items on top of your hourly rate. Sometimes bringing your hourly pay to $30-$40 an hour!
  • Tips often bring your hourly pay to $25+ an hour on regular basic moves.
  • Owner operator opportunities available as well $35-$50 an hour. Get your own rig and run your own crew!
  • Work your way into management positions.
  • Own a location! That’s right, the possibilities are endless

Daily Duties and Requirements

  • Must be able to drive 26 foot box trucks as well as truck and trailers. We can show you how.
  • Must be willing to take on the responsibility of managing your own crew.
  • Must be able to meet at our yard by 7:30 am, sometimes earlier.
  • Supervise moves and lead your crew to success.
  • Must be willing to learn and be coach-able (even Michael Jordan needed coaching and there is always room for improvement).
  • Must be clean cut, have good manners and a positive attitude and outlook on life in general. People are letting you in their home and we want our customers to be at ease.
  • Must have a team mentality! We want ride or die movers. We are in this together and have to have each other’s backs.
  • Sometimes days can last up to 14 hours although it doesn’t happen often. If it does, you will need to man up and be positive about it.
  • Must have BIG PICTURE thinking. Looking at the long term success for yourself and the company.
  • Must have a great understanding that moving is statistically the 3rd most stressful thing people do in their life. This is why you have to have great customer service skills, be able to seek-to-understand and never take things personally if you’re dealing with a stressed out customer.
  • Lots of customers buy you lunch and tip good! Especially if you follow our process.
  • You are here to help the customer with whatever is needed and be willing to go above and beyond on every job.


You will need to go through a minimum of a week of training and it can sometimes last up to a year. If for some reason you are not able to fill a lead mover position because of driver’s license, age etc… You will take on the helper role. In this case pay would be $14 an hour + specialty items, bonuses and tips. Still a great opportunity.

We are excited to hear from you!

If you feel you meet the requirements of this position. We would love to hear from you and can’t wait to set up an interview!

Please call 512-361-4212. This is a voicemail and we would like you to leave a message with your name, contact information and why you feel you would be a great asset to our team. Please also fill out the the form below. Just some basic info regarding the position. Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

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