Discover Why You Should Use Full Service Storage

It's Easy

We take care of all the coordinating for you. No need to call around trying to find the right storage unit.

We Provide Protection

No need to rent or buy a bunch of blankets or materials. We will provide them for you and its all included with our units.

Only Handled By Us

With no 3rd party involved, we are solely reliable for your items from the move, to the storage and back home.

Clean New Containers

Our storage units are brand new, air tight containers and are roughly 8x8x20 and are all non climate controlled.

What Are My Options?

Storage Container

We have storage containers to hold your belongings as long as you need. We can keep them safe and secure until you are ready for them. We can store as much or as little as needed. This is perfect when staging your home, we can hold the clutter.

On Truck Storage

If you are just needing a few days or even a couple weeks, we may be able to hold your belongings on our truck to avoid unloading and loading again. This will save you time and money. This is a great option if you have a gap between closings.

24/7 Surveillance & Increased Security

One very important thing to know about moving into Muscleman’s storage is that due to increased security, customers will not have access to their stuff in the units.

Full Service storage is an easy option that we offer through Muscleman Moving. This includes the pick up, transportation and delivery into the storage unit and when you’re ready, we load it back up and deliver it to you. Due to our insurance and policies, you will NOT have access to the items during the storage period.

Once all items are placed in the storage unit, a lock is placed on the door and it cannot be opened again until the customer is ready to move out. Be sure to keep any items you might need while your stuff is in storage.

Located just south of Austin in Kyle, we have a secured, gated facility with 24/7 surveillance.

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